Related Study 学徒s

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These courses are non-credit, learn at your own pace,  and are delivered via correspondence. The typical related study apprentice is an  individual in a vocational field who cannot attend regular college learning activities.

These employees may be isolated apprentices or on-the-job trainees who need to expand and/or update their knowledge through additional courses in their related field of study by enrolling in one or more of the occupational courses available. More than 100 courses in the following programs:

  • 木工
  • Cement-Masonry
  • Fiber-Optics and Cabling/Low Voltage
  • 屋面
  • 机械工厂
  • 管道/暖通空调
  • 制冷
  • 金属板
  • 锅炉
  • 焊接

These courses of study are utilized by the U.S. Bureau of 学徒 and Training for indentured apprenticeships.


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电 Options Price Sheet





金属板 Options Price Sheet