联系NDUS帮助台为学生和教师提供支持. 致电866-457-6387或访问 http://Helpdesk.ndus.edu 发起支持聊天或提交帮助请求. 包括你的问题的具体细节. 关于课堂作业的问题应该直接问你的老师.

搜索 帮助.黑板上.com 有关常见任务和故障排除的额外分步说明.


Video tutorials have been created showing how to perform a variety of tasks in an ndsc在线 course as well as basic troubleshooting. 点击这里观看视频.


SMARTHINKING提供各种科目的实时网络辅导. This service supplements our existing academic support services by 从ering real-time online tutoring and homework 帮助 for core courses and skills up to 24 hours a day, 一周七天. 欲了解更多信息,请联系您的在线课程讲师或远程教育.


NDSCS-Wahpeton和NDSCS-Fargo提供在线考试监考服务. Proctor forms will need to be completed and returned to the online instructors requiring proctoring. 这些表格将在你的在线课程中提供. For additional testing and proctor information click on the 在线考试 section below.

  • Students who live in the Wahpeton area may contact the college 测试中心 for more information about proctoring at 800-342-4325 ext 3-2256 or 凯伦.dahlgren@ndsc.edu. Verify the 测试中心 hours and note closure times when making your test appointments.
  • 想要使用NDSCS-Fargo测试中心的学生请发送电子邮件 ndsc.fargotest@ndsc.edu 作出安排,或致电701-231-6919与Sadie Russenberger联系.


定期出席, 上课及时,积极参与, 每个学生都应该有实验室和/或商店.

学生因情有可原的情况必须缺课的, 这些必须传达给教员。. Individual departments and/or instructors may develop attendance policies to meet specific program or course needs. Refer to the college catalog, 学生手册, and/or course syllabi for specific requirements.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to enforce the attendance policy as specified in the course syllabi, 学生手册, 和/或大学目录. The instructor shall refer to the department chair and/or division dean’s 从ice any case of absenteeism that might require special attention.

An online student who does not regularly attend their online class for a period of seven consecutive days may be dropped from the course. Attendance is evidenced by weekly completion of assignments and/or participation in online discussions. Efforts to contact inactive students are attempted as soon as 每学期 begins; however, 如果学生没有回应,继续不活跃, 将实施降税.


  1. 学生可以从课程或项目中退学;
  2. 课程成绩可能会降低;
  3. 终止财政援助;
  4. 取消注册;
  5. Restriction from extra-curricular activities; or
  6. 其他必要的判断.

在线学生必须随时保持访问权限. 维护网络访问的责任落在每个学生身上. 请仔细阅读以下期望.

  • Each student must maintain consistent access to Web based course materials via a well operating computer and reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • As an online student you are committed to have regular access, or if your service is interrupted, 使备用计算机位置可用.
  • 如果服务因任何原因中断超过24小时(停电), 病毒攻击)或在考试期间, 作业提交期, 或其他, 每个学生都必须有一个备用计划,并通知你的老师.
  • Realize that your instructor is NOT going to accept lack of access as an excuse for late work or missed exam/quiz access.
  • 要积极主动. 上课前:
    • 找到其他方法连接到你的在线课程. 这可能是离你最近的图书馆或公立学校. 检查工作时间和可用性.
  • 尽早完成并提交你的工作.
  • Don't wait until the deadline to submit your work in case you do have a problem (technical 或其他).
  • 完成在线课堂定位,学习如何使用在线学习平台. 或者,完成学生指导教程. 两者都是通过登录NDSCS在线访问的.

*经作者许可改编. C. A. 圣安东尼奥学院的凯勒


登录名/密码帮助台: Students having trouble with their online class login and password should contact the NDUS 帮助台 at 866-457-6387 or 国防大学.帮助台@国防大学.edu. 你可以在 帮助台.国防大学.edu 要重置密码,请提交帮助票,或开始实时聊天.(注意: Students use their CampusConnection User ID and Password to log into online classes).

电子邮件: NDSCS email is required for online classes and is where communications from the college and instructors are sent. 所有NDSCS学生需要定期访问他们的NDSCS电子邮件帐户. 请参阅访问您的电子邮件帐户的说明 www.ndsc.edu/IT-Setup.


Students enrolled in an online course or program must meet hardware and/or software requirements as indicated. 执行“浏览器检查,看看它是否使用兼容的浏览器组件.

注意: 有些程序有额外的技术要求. 请务必向项目顾问咨询更多信息. 在线参考 课程时间表 附加要求.

Macs are not compatible in several classes that require specific technology or software. 使用Mac的学生需要一台Windows PC来学习这些课程. 需要Windows PC的常见学科领域是独联体, 去找找CSCI,一些ACCT, 计算机辅助设计和HIT. PC必须安装Windows 10或更新的操作系统.

iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook和平板设备: 有些课程和项目需要使用Windows电脑,但大多数课程和项目推荐使用Windows电脑. All students need access to an alternate computer when technical problems arise to avoid falling behind in classes.

chromebook等设备, tablets and other handheld devices are not compatible with testing software and other course tools and features. The 黑板上 mobile app does not display all course content and may not work with some course tools and features. mac电脑与ACCT中使用的软件不兼容, 计算机辅助设计, 独联体, 去找找CSCI, 和HIT课程,所以需要一台Windows PC.

It is the responsibility of the student to have a working computer available and to have access to a Windows PC for times it may be needed. 在NDSCS网站和黑板上帮助网站上找到更多信息.

常见技术问题(删除临时文件和Cookies): 如果类中的页面不能正确加载或链接不能工作, 最常见的解决办法是删除互联网临时文件和cookie. 每次考试前都要这样做. 如果使用一个浏览器出现问题,请安装另一个浏览器作为备份. 有关其他故障排除帮助,请转至 帮助.黑板上.com.

网络连接: 学生应该使用高速互联网连接在线课程. 虽然很多课程内容可以通过拨号观看, 某些课程内容将无法使用拨号服务. 在需要的时候准备一个有高速服务的备用地点.


所有在线课程提交作业都需要Microsoft Word. 学生可下载 微软Office的免费版本 透过他们的NDSCS电邮帐户. 注意: Some courses require a specific version of Microsoft Office or Office Professional or additional software. 这些信息将包括在网上 课程时间表 每学期. 


学术诚信: Academic Integrity is an NDSCS core value and there is an expectation that all students, 作为大学社区的一员, 坚持最高水平的学术诚信. 课堂上的不诚实, 实验室, shop work or tests is regarded as a serious 从ense and is subject to disciplinary action by the instructor and dean of the respective division. 了解更多信息, refer to the NDSCS Student Planner or College 目录 under College 政策 and Basic Regulations of Conduct.

参加网上考试: 在网上考试中, "保存" test answers every few minutes to avoid having your test freeze or lose answers. The "保存" process is what triggers the system to know a student is actually active in that exam.

响应锁定浏览器 在线课堂考试经常需要什么. 学生需要 下载免费软件 用于测试的计算机. Allow time to do this before your first exam is due so you have time to make sure it works. Students will need to start the Respo国防大学 browser before logging into a course to begin an exam. 下面是更多信息的链接. 

重要提示: 许多商业或公共设施中的计算机.g., 公司, 计算机实验室, 网吧, 学校), are configured to prevent the installation of new plug-ins without the permission and assistance of local system support personnel. 如果该地点将用于考试, contact support personnel immediately to ensure the 响应锁定浏览器 installation can be completed for your first exam.

考试监考: Several faculty require that a test proctor be present while students take online exams. 可能是图书管理员之类的人, 测试中心, 但不是同事, 朋友, 相对, 配偶或其他NDSCS学生. 一份监考表将在课程开始时由课程导师提供. This should be completed and submitted to the instructor within the first 10 days of the term.

一些教员要求监考人员在线考试. 在已知的情况下,这一要求是指示的,但可能会在不通知的情况下改变. 某些地点可能收取监控费. Some instructors have additional restrictions so be sure to read the information provided in your class.