The 2024 Career Fair has been scheduled for February 15th

This cross-discipline Career Fair will not only attract students from our specific technical programs but is open to students from all of our academic areas.  



学生 are invited from all academic programs. To find out more about the various academic programs offered at ndsc, please 点击这里.

也, to make it easier for employers, college student name tags will be color-coded by academic program - to make those that you are seeking to hire more identifiable.


Registration for the 2024 Career Fair will open soon, and will be completed through 握手, the online job posting platform. 
ndsc moved to 握手 in July 2020. 雇主 can post any type of job (full-time, part-time, co-op/internships, seasonal, etc.) on this site, which is open to all current ndsc students and graduates. To get started with 握手, or to register for the Career Fair, 点击这里.


ndsc 职业服务 works directly with students to help build their job search skills. Check out the dates for 职业培训课程, where students can get one-on-one assistance on a variety of topics including resumé writing, interview skills and how to use 握手. Additionally, appointments can be made by calling 701-671-3000. Appointments can be in person in Wahpeton or Fargo, on the phone, or virtual.

Resumé reviews can also be done via email by sending the resumé file to ndsc.Career服务@ndsc.edu.


Contact the 学生的成功 Center at 701-671-3000.